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25th Harajuku Fashion Walk Photo by junnyan69

My first purchases from Cute Can Kill!(●´∀`)ノ♡


My first purchases from Cute Can Kill!(●´∀`)ノ♡

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sorry i just feel really cute today


sorry i just feel really cute today

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whenever you see a beautiful woman


do not compare yourself to her

she is beautiful

you are beautiful 

you both are two different kinds of beautiful

you can’t compare the sun to the moon

and you shouldn’t

so when you see that woman

you say “god bless her” and “god bless me”

and keep it moving, love.

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Dream of Lolita? Dream of Better Lolita Clothes.


So they came in…

Okay so while I was at work today, my partner texted me and told me that a package from China arrived for me, I freaked out, because “OMG, MUST BE MY PETTICOATS!” The shipping dates matched up and everything, so of course it must be my pettis, right??

Hahahaha, wrong! The package, in fact, contained my three Dream of Lolita dresses. You know, the ones I ordered back in April, back before I truly understood the Lolita replica debate, back before I knew that Dream of Lolita’s quality wasn’t that great? Yeah.


More details under the cut.

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Colossalcon13 part 5~!

My coord from Saturday~! I won’t lie, this is probably favorite outfit to date~ (I’ll said it before, and I’ll say it again; I realllyyyy like holographic things~ <3333 ) There are a couple things I would change but I’m happy how it came together nonetheless~ ^//u//^ 

Holographic space princess coord breakdown~:

Wig,top and skirt: eBay (what can I say I reaallly like eBay… =//u//=;; )

Vest: Walmart and modified by me~

Tights: Hollyteatime on storenvy~!

Shoes: Amazon and modified by me (added some bows ^ w ^ )

Accessories: local hairstore, heychickadee, etsy, eBay, H & M and a good chunk was handmade~ ^ u ^

Also I got some pics with some major cuties that I follow here~!

Super cute fem!Mario is the lovely thumbcramps~!

And the super talented Gullacassii~! * v * 

Both of there art is awesome and I totes need to draw fanart for the both of them (seriously though check out both of there art blogs, you won’t regret it )~ > w < <3 Shout out to both of them for taking a picture with me~ ; u ;

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